North Little Rock, AR

Front of House.JPG

Franklin St.

North Little Rock, AR 72114
Instalment Sale
ROI: 29%

We purchased this house for $12,000 cash and put $4,500 into it to fix it up.  We then sold it to an end user on for $40,000 under the following terms. After paying $2,000 as a down payment, we lent the borrower $38,000 at 9.5% interest for 20 years.  He is paying $354.21 per month. He is also paying $103.49 per month in an escrow account for taxes and Insurance.

$354.21x8 months + $2,000 down pymt = $4,833.68 /$16,500 ($12,000+$4,500) = 29%ROI first year. $354.21x12 months /$16,500 = 26% ROI.

Kevin Waltermire